Task Done?
Quit Job decommission contract
Quit residence done
Book flights done (first flight)
Inoculation done
New mobile number done
Quit GEZ  done
Quit Internet-Provider  done
VISA Creditcard done
Register for “seeking work” not necessary
Tax computation done
Camera and utilities done
Notebook done
Backpack, Daypack and Outdoor equipment done
Travel medicine done
Electricitiy/Gas sign off done
Record of delivery for the apartment done
Forwarding request (Post Office) done
Dentist check  done
Register on Couchsurfing done
Blog done
Passport photograph  done
Quit fitness center  done
Farewell Party 23.09.2016
International driver license done
International vaccination card done
Passport done
Second Passport  done
Visa (Pakistan)  done
General power of attorney  done
Copy important papers and upload them on google drive  done
Health insurance for abroad  done
Liability for abroad not necessary
Travel cancelation insurance not necessary
Building loan contract (Pause) done
Rista pension (Pause) not necessary