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The wave Thailand

In Thailand I am only supporting one person. While traveling through Thailand I spoke with many people about the Wave. It seems like we are just getting started. The next project in Malaysia will be bigger. There, we will support a whole organization.

My last stop in Thailand was Krabi, where I met Lou. Lou works from 10 pm to 5 am. She collects rubbish which she brings to a landfill. Lou gets paid per kg she delivers. It is hard work. She starts over every day, because she has to feed her kids. Lou lives in a small room that is about 5 m². After I spoke to her it was an easy decision to support only her.

Please remember that the Wave in Pakistan still searches an Engineering Specialist (see details). 

The Wave will continue in Malaysia.  

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Ko Phi Phi – Maya Bay

Maya Bay was getting famous cause of the movie “The Beach”. At the Beach are a lot of people, so me and a friend decided to swim to the next beach. It was a long way but we finally did it. One beach just for us alone 🙂