The Wave Project Pakistan

Imagine one drop of water can create a Wave, what can many drops do?

The wave was created to help poor people while traveling through many countries.
In Germany, many people donate money to help poor people. But there are also other possibilities to help poor people while traveling.
Most of the countries I have been to do not even need money. What they need is knowledge and specialists to help them in Technical Projects.

As a symbol of helping the community, I created the Wave project. Everybody can help the poor people, it is just a matter of courage.
For connecting with the people, this is a good way to start a conversation.

Do the “wave”! Read about it, like it, share it and help.

What can we/ I do about it ?

While staying in Pakistan, I saw a lot of poor people in the streets. So I decided to collect some money from locals to help them. The day before I leave to the next country, I will donated the whole money to one person or organisation.

Pakistan Situation

A lot  of projects have already been started in Pakistan but the money that has already been donated to the poor people does not help in a way that it should. While speaking to a chairman (Irfan Mughal ) who belongs to Rawalpindi (Dhokh Hassu), he told me that they need support from Engineering Specialists. People who can help them to start a project to provide them with clean water and many others projects. Sure, money is important but not necessary for what they really need. They need knowledge. So if anybody knows an Engneering Specialist, please see the contacts below.

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Rawalpindi Doka Hassu Chairman Irfan Mohammed (second from right)

For more information you can write an email to: or

You can also call directly:

0092333 545497 or 0092312 5254885

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  • Rawalpindi Doka Hassu Chairman Irfan Mohammed (Tel.: 0092312 5254885)

  • Barrister Danish Pervez Raja ( Tel.: 0092333 545497,

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